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Here you will find information on each product we have. The health benefits, how to use it, recipe tips and other useful information.

Or you can order a custom box. Minimum order value is $35. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

$5 delivery for a 10km radius

$10 delivery for all other areas

Of course! We’re not cyborgs! 

But seriously, our veggies are more than organic as we use no chemicals on our soil or plants! You could call us more than organic, but we are not certified. 

We grow seasonally which means you won’t get broccoli in summer or zucchini in winter. Click here to see what’s in the box this week. 

We are currently not at any markets however may have plans in the future to attend some.

Veggie boxes are compiled on Saturday mornings. 

Reko ring at Erina and Tuggerah on alternating Thursdays. 

Reko Ring is a pop up farmers market where all financial transactions are completed prior to the drop offs on Thursday evenings. Reko Ring Central Coast consists of a bunch of local producers on the coast from honey, meat, eggs and of course veggies! 

Click here to see Reko Ring Central Coast on Facebook.