Alan Foods

Sustainability Mission

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Eradicating single use plastics and packaging

Recycling as much as possible

closing the loop on food waste

No More Single Use plastics!

At ALAN Foods, our salad bags are sourced from an Australian packaging manufacturer. They are made from renewable wood pulp certified by the forestry stewardship council and are home compostable within 8-12 weeks!! Click here to find out more about the Natureflex bags we use.


We use recyclable and compostable packaging where possible. The veg bags come in a paper bag, and for a special price, subscribers can purchase Jute bags to get their veg in.  

We source bulk cardboard from white goods and bicycle shops to help prepare our beds. 

Closing the loop on Food waste

ALAN Foods has partnered with Let the Ladies Go. A Chicken rescue and rehabilitation centre at Mandalong. They source pre and post consumer supermarket waste products to feed the chooks. We take what is left over and turn it into compost to top our beds each year. It’s breathtaking the amount of food waste there is in this world… and not in a good way.