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Availability: year round
Type: Root
Uses: cooked or raw
Cooking tip: roasting, grated raw onto salad or grate on a sandwich. The greens are edible in salads or sauteed, or juice them! We also pickle the beets, which is easy. They are awesome, keep for ages and no need to buy the tinned stuff!
Storage: store well in the fridge

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Health Benefits: Beets are purple. Naturally occurring purple = good for you. They contain fibre, folate, manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C. Health benefits include improved circulation, lower blood pressure and improved exercise performance. Beets do contain Fructans (short-chain carbohydrates) or FODMAPs.

Quick cooking tips:

  • Grate them into a salad or sandwich for a quick addition
  • Cut them up with your next roast
  • Juice them 


Pickling beets:





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